markWho is Tom Richter?

I am a follower of Jesus. Which, at any given moment, means I am a pastor, speaker, husband, father and ultimate Frisbee player of average to moderate ability.

markWhat Does He Do?

I travel and speak to groups of people about Jesus.

If you are at this website because you want me to come speak at your event, email Krista at or call her at 256-737-7565

If you recently heard me at an event, click around my website and drop me an email if you'd like.  I would love to meet you!

I am the pastor of a church located in the center of the most ethnically diverse county in the United States. This church is called New Hope. New Hope was started in 1997 in an effort to help reach the fantastic, quirky, surprising, delicious, and never dull part of NYC that is the boro called Queens. New Hope does not own a building, and we meet in the neighborhood of Jamaica, Queens. Check out for more info. And of course, if you are going to be in NYC, come on by.  We meet at 4:15pm and again at 6:00pm, and we will save you a seat.

markWhat is His Background?

Like so many, I was born at an early age. Raised in the sleepy college town of Murray, KY, I grew up a happy fellow, interested in basketball, Nintendo, and church. I found God God found me as a young boy, and as mystical as it sounds I really believe God called me to be a preacher. After High School, I went to Murray State University and got a degree in English Literature, and then got an M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary. I am married to Jackie, and I have three kids, Katie, Carson, and Anna.